Engineering & Project Management Services

The AWT team brings together experts in every industry, united in our vision to provide unparalleled customer service, improve environmental impact, and enhance the value of every project.  

We approach each project with passion and innovation, investing the time to really understand the scope and needs of your project. Whether you need meticulous project management services or expert engineering for custom designs, AWT has you covered.

Robust Project Management and Engineering Services

AWT’s engineering team brings experience, expertise, and curiosity to the table with each client to design custom, green, and cost-effective solutions.

From small projects and simple designs to complex systems, and carbon capture technology to custom actuator fabrication, our engineers leverage the latest technology and software to deliver superior assembly, manufacturing, testing, fulfillment, training, and continued support beyond implementation.

The engineers at AWT are knowledgeable in the latest trends in drafting and computer-aided design, and are experienced with both 2D and 3D CAD software to create custom designs that consistently meet project specifications and exceed quality expectations.

We specialize in Air (Pneumatic) System Design, Controls Design, Power Unit Design and Fabrication, as well as Fluid System Design and Engineering.

AWT’s engineering team demonstrates commitment to our clients through project best practices, such as our Professional Practice Management Plan (PPMP).  Our engineers design the documents you need, including specification sheets, P&IDs, BOM, electrical and general arrangement drawings.  Before production even begins, our team delivers these documents to ensure we exceed our client’s expectations and provide the custom solution that best supports our client’s vision and objectives.

Backed by meticulous engineering, you can count on AWT design to enhance the performance, safety, and reliability of every project, every time.

Precision Project Management

When you need a partner in engineering and project management services, do you look for a team of experts in the industry, or experts in the art of project management?  At AWT, we think your projects deserve both. We serve those looking for industrial applications, help with process, energy consulting, environmental solutions, controls engineering, and project management services.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, AWT applies our Quality Management System  to every aspect of our project management services.  When you partner with AWT, you’ll work with a project manager committed to understanding the scope, resources, and specifications of your project from the very beginning. We partner with our clients throughout the entire process, as we develop procurement strategies, resource allocation, and schedules to ensure your project’s success.