Oil & Gas

From vast project scales to harsh operating conditions, AWT understands the challenges unique to the oil and gas industry. Increased attention to the environmental impacts of the oil and gas industry make innovative solutions and green technologies more important than ever. 

Oil and Gas Engineering Company

Aging infrastructure and tightening regulations compound the impacts of equipment inefficiency and breakdown. Because machinery for the oil and gas industry is so critical to our customer’s success, AWT specializes in automation solutions. Every AWT component is designed for the durability and the dependability that this rugged industry demands. 

Industry Expertise to Safeguard Your Infrastructure

At AWT, we strive to help you achieve your project goals and reduce overall risk. We offer explosion-proof valve actuation systems that operate in hazardous environments. Our control options can help you monitor line pressure and ensure safe operation. 

AWT oil and gas engineering applications and systems combine components from the world’s leading automation and control manufacturers. Our team leverages these partnerships for pivotal insight into every plan and design. We collaborate with experts across every discipline in the industry. Our interdisciplinary approach to every oil and gas application ensures that each system we commission is tailored to the unique environmental factors that influence operational efficiency.

The Leader in Electro-Hydraulic Innovation

AWT collaborates with our clients in the oil and gas industry to promote carbon sequestration solutions for greener production of fossil fuel. Our Electro Hydraulic Systems, designed specifically to provide greater control over gas emissions, provide powerful gas or liquid valve actuation with no gas emissions.

Our ¼ turn and linear valves remain the global leader for natural gas and residential gas service applications.  This robust and durable solution excels in general open/close applications, critical failsafe applications, and delivers reliable performance in hazardous marine conditions at both high and low temperature extremes.

Innovative automation solutions from AWT promote greater productivity and safety.  Our systems facilitate local, automatic, or remote valve control operation, tailored to the unique needs of our client’s jobsite. When consistency in production matters most, our accumulator ensures valve operation even through power loss.