AWT is more than a parts and equipment distributor, as we provide end-to-end solutions from start to finish. We partner with clients in every industry and commit to unparalleled customer service, support, and project management processes. With applications suited to a variety of industries, paired with experts across every industry, AWT applications make our customers’ concepts a cost-efficient and sustainable reality.

Assembly and Integration

Whether collaborating on a custom design or assembling stock components, our engineers truly listen to our customer’s problems and concerns to develop solutions that fit their exact application needs. We support our applications from concept design through commissioning, providing on-site support and training to facilitate confident start-ups with every AWT system.

Process Control

AWT process control applications address critical efficiency issues to provide our customers with greater levels of control over every essential valve. Through a collaborative process, our engineers uncover opportunities to leverage controls that result in cost savings, improved occupational safety, and heightened efficiency.

Valve Actuation

For over 40 years, AWT has been a distinguished leader in the valve actuation industry. We provide complete, end-to-end valve automation and actuation solutions across multiple industries. We compound the value of our valve actuator applications with critical integrations, such as controls design and field support.  

AWT specializes in cutting-edge actuator technology, offering expert electro-hydraulic, pneumatic, and gas hydraulic systems for any application. We assemble stock units from global leading manufacturers such as Emerson and Bettis. We also provide support from factory-trained technicians with years of field experience, and customized solutions tailored to our clients’ specific applications.

AWT partners with the most innovative leaders in industrial controls to give our clients maximum control of every valve application. AWT strives to design innovative control systems that not only improve operating costs and efficiency, but create safer industrial processes.

Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) revolutionize industries, and AWT manufactures custom HPUs to solve our client’s most pressing challenges. From large scale, robust solutions to compact systems designed for lightweight reliability, AWT leverages our partnerships with global leaders in automation and controls to develop applications and systems that meet every project specification and perform within every project parameter.

AWT partners with clients to develop innovative systems that vastly improve both operational efficiency and costs. We don’t stop at innovative solutions, as we customize components and applications that protect our clients’ investment and extend equipment life cycles. Weather protection applications from AWT include cutting-edge products from global leaders in hazardous industry manufacturing and customized protection applications. AWT engineers design with the intention of meeting our customers specific needs in the most hazardous industrial environments in the world.