Valve Actuation Applications

AWT partners with some of the largest, most trusted manufacturers and distributors to provide our customers with complete valve actuation solutions. 

From valve specification to system commissioning, AWT partners with you through every phase of your systems’ life cycles. Our engineers leverage expertise across every industrial sector and years of field service to understand the intricacies of our customer’s complex systems. Collaborating with our customers, the AWT Valve Actuation team configures pneumatic valve actuation, gas hydraulic, and electro-hydraulic solutions with features customized for success in even the most challenging and hazardous operating environments.

Project Examples

Electro Hydraulic (EH) Systems

Electro-Hydraulic Harmonized on Site

Electronic valve actuators were created in response to our clients’ concerns for the environmental impacts of gas emissions from pipeline actuation, AWT’s Electro-Hydraulic (EH) systems are powerful green systems capable of robust performance in pipeline application with no toxic gas emissions.

Now, more than 60 EH Harmonized units operate in numerous compressor stations across North America. EH Harmonized systems excel in critical shutdown applications, driving fast and reliable valve actuation. With the addition of a hydraulic accumulator, EH Harmonized systems provide critical fail safe redundancies that operate even during power outage.

AWT designed the EH Harmonized system with careful consideration for operators in the field.  This revolutionary system features control mechanisms and operational behaviors that closely mimic the traditional gas hydraulic systems commonly used across nearly every industry for several decades.  

SC-EH on site

Like our Electro-Hydraulic Harmonized systems, the AWT Self-Contained Electro-Hydraulic System (SC-EH) with Accumulator was specifically engineered for reliability and toxic emission mitigation, even when extreme weather and other hazardous conditions are present.  

More than 50 SC-EH systems currently operate in stations across North America. With a manifold-based design, this powerful system features a more compact configuration.  

SC-EH systems promote fast and reliable valve actuation during critical shutdown applications. The addition of a hydraulic accumulator prevents pump cycling and ensures the critical operation speed that is necessary in a fail-safe system.

TW-EH in the field

For applications requiring simplicity in a lightweight construction, AWT’s Two-Way Electro-Hydraulic (TW-EH) systems deliver uncompromising valve actuation with fewer components to maintain. 

Though these systems rely on fewer components and require less maintenance, TW-EH systems deliver powerful applications for greater reliability and durability. TW-EH systems control double acting actuators, offering both remote and local valve operation. In addition, these systems feature two solenoids to power two-way valve operation.

AWT TW-EH systems support valve actuation applications across a wide variety of industries and settings, with optional features such as pressure transmitters, and mechanisms for local and manual control.    

Our TW-EH systems are being used in many valve actuation applications. Our partners in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) marketplace rely on TW-EH systems as a cost-effective and reliable mechanism for superior automation across even highly sensitive applications.  

Pneumatic Systems

Compact Pneumatic System in the field

AWT’s pneumatic valve actuation systems have come a long way since we began producing these customized systems more than forty years ago.

Now, our pneumatic valve actuation systems are used in many sites across North America because of their proven reliability and performance in different operating environments. With over four decades of field experience and research, we’ve improved on these initial designs to offer greater reliability, cost savings, and a wide range of customizable features to suit any application in any environment. 

AWT pneumatic systems offer both remote and local control for pneumatic return and double-acting actuators. With a compact and lightweight design, these systems offer a cost-effective and convenient solution with faster response times than other actuator methods used in the field.

Gas Hydraulic Systems

GH unit on site

Gas Hydraulic (GH) valve actuation solutions through AWT’s partnership with Bettis GH, enhances gas line operations in more than 300 systems across North America. This solution remains a vital asset at field sites due to its customizability and rugged construction that makes it suited for a wide range of environmental extremes. GH valve solutions are rated for low, or high-temperature applications, and both carry a Class 1 Division 1 rating for their safe performance in hazardous environments.

Since commissioning our first system more than 15-years-ago, AWT GH systems continue to afford superior valve control, powered by pipeline gas pressure for efficient and reliable valve actuation. Continued development of our GH systems has led to greater customizability, and features such as a volume tank option for operating valves even on loss-of-gas supply.  AWT customizes local, automatic, or remote control features to suit each application, with adaptability for both SCADA or PLC systems.