EH Two Way Systems (EH-TW)

AWT’s EH-TW system is designed for reliable valve actuation. It is relatively light weight with fewer components making it easy to use and maintain. The hydraulic pump is the power source for valve actuation.

VALVE SIZE 16” to 48”.

  • Remote and local valve operation.
  • Remote two-way valve operation using two solenoids.
  • Controls double acting actuators.
  • Pressure switch to monitor hydraulic pressure.
  • Pressure transmitter (Optional)
  • Fail last.
  • Local open and close push buttons.
  • Hand-Off-Auto (HOA) control station.
  • Hand pump for local manual valve operation.
  • Reservoir sight gauges.
  • Integrated Motor control Center
  • Remote or integral (controls mounted on actuator) mounting.

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