High-Force Press (HFP)

Designed in partnership with Bannerman Consultants and Frontwave Systems, AWT’s HFP produces wooden tiles from recycled chopsticks. It is designed for continuous operation that is both safe and reliable.

  • Recycles chopsticks into useful wooden tiles of three different sizes.
  • Produces four tiles simultaneously.
  • Press assembly is installed on one skid and can be easily transported.
  • PLC touch screen included to adjust working parameters including pressure, temperature, and holding time.
  • Multiple safety features including a fenced cage with a door switch that will not allow motor to operate if the door is open.
  • Full safety turnkey system
  • Programmed to include an oil cleaning cycle.
  • Includes an auto/manual switch allowing for control versatility.
  • cUL/UL certified electrical panel includes a custom turn key control system that meets all Canadian Safety Standards.
  • Includes a decompression cycle to minimize vibrations.
  • Max Force: 400,000 lbf (1,779,280 N)

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