Machining & Manufacturing Services

More than a parts distributor, AWT’s Machining and Manufacturing Services team partners with clients to turn concepts into reality. From industrial manufacturing and industrial machining, to structural framing and structural framing to automation systems, our expert engineers and machinists build systems that enhance field-site-safety and cost-efficiency to deliver reliable and robust performance across even the harshest of environments.

Drawing on our extensive experience with the leading valve distributors, AWT provides automation solutions across every industry vertical, including:

In-house Manifolds

Red-Seal Machinists Deliver Precision Workmanship

From manifolds, and brackets and mounting frames, to mounting poles or reservoirs, the Machining and Manufacturing Services team at AWT leverages decades of experience and advanced training to deliver precision workmanship and unparalleled customer service. Our red-seal machinists dedicate time and attention to every precise parameter of a project to deliver paramount quality, unquestionable reliability, and quick turnaround.

Our expert machinists provide complete machining solutions, from assembly of stock systems to custom prototypes. With a cutting-edge, in-house machine shop, AWT tackles projects of any size, from reliable cylinder repair to prototyping more sophisticated systems. Our machinists can provide complete machining solutions that include:

AWT is a Leader in Valve Automation and Controls and Beyond!

Spanning more than 40 years, AWT Manufacturing Services evolved from a manufacturer of welded construction for power-units and cylinders, to a leader in Valve Automation and Controls Center (VAC), and global supplier of automation solutions. Through our partnerships with premier companies such as Bosch Rexroth and Emerson/Bettis, we specialize in:

AWT Machining and Manufacturing Services brings a depth of knowledge and experience to each project, developing and manufacturing robust structural framing solutions and automation solutions. With our expansion into robotics and automation services, AWT empowers clients with industry expertise, premium components, and experienced machinists capable of developing systems with global benefits.

We collaborate with clients to design solutions and solve problems, resulting in advanced systems with industry-wide impacts. Through collaborative problem-solving with our customers, AWT engineers, technicians, and machinists invented the first Electro Hydraulic Actuator, which is a system capable of drastically reducing toxic emissions from liquified natural gas lines.