Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO)

AWT understands that Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) services and consulting are critical to the success of any ongoing project. Industries such as oil and natural gas, manufacturing, and other industries with ever-changing environmental, safety, and quality regulations (not to mention growing demand across every energy and production vertical) mean our customers need more comprehensive, forward-thinking solutions to succeed in a competitive market.

That’s why AWT combines years of field and industry experience with expert training, as we provide our customers with superior MRO management services through every stage of equipment’s life cycle.  We offer consulting services that see us work hand-in-hand with our customer’s to assess current MRO systems and maintenance procedures and implement more cost-effective, environmentally conscious, and safety-focused MRO strategies and responses.


Expert MRO Services Keep Projects Running

AWT provides expert proactive, cost-efficient MRO services that are designed to enhance safety and minimize costly downtime.  We provide industrial MRO services, MRO managed services, and MRO engineering services.

As a full-service actuator and controls MRO provider, our team of expertly trained engineers and technicians leverage years of training and field experience to provide MRO consulting services that include mobilization to site, disassembly and inspection, repairs, overhaul, and controls system troubleshooting.  

At AWT, we know how costly downtime, shutdowns, and emergencies can be. We also understand the decisions our customer’s face when planning for the time and expense of maintenance. That’s why we tailor our MRO services specifically to each client and project, developing preventive and planned maintenance strategies that not only keep your systems up and running, but these strategies also extend the life and reliability of your equipment!

Expert technicians on the AWT MRO team provide recommendations based on years of industry and field experience, offering a reliable resource for mitigating emergency shutdowns and extending the life cycle of your equipment. Our team can recognize indicators of impending repair or overhaul, saving our customers time and money with a strategy that focuses on prevention and safety.

Full Service MRO In-House or On the Job Site

At AWT, we understand that our customers need access to expert, in-house and on call technicians, as well as in the field. Our engineers and technicians specialize in field maintenance, as we bring the precision, reliability, and quality you expect from AWT to right your job site when you need it most.

AWT supports the Commissioning and Integration process, but our commitment to customer service doesn’t end there. Through MRO services, our factory-trained engineers and technicians support customers through issues that arise post-commissioning, as we are a partner through every stage of the equipment and process life cycle.