EH Pressure-Guard Systems (EH-SC2)

AWT’s EH-SC2 system adds remote monitoring and remote control capabilities to enhance the Bettis PressureGuard system. The EH-SC2 is a self-contained hydraulic emergency shutdown system. 

VALVE SIZE: 2” - 20”

  • Remote and local valve operation.
  • Remote two-way valve operation using one solenoid.
  • Fast speed of operation as required for a fail-safe system.
  • Fail open or close.
  • Utilizes a spring return actuator.
  • Pressure switch to control hydraulic pressure.
  • High/low pressure pilot (optional).
  • Manifold based compact system.
  • Local open and close push buttons.
  • Hand-Off-Auto (HOA) control station.
  • Local manual control using hand pump for actuation
  • Reservoir sight gauges.
  • Integrated Motor Control Center.
  • Remote or integral (controls mounted on actuator) mounting.
  • Motor integral mounting optional

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