Hydrogen & Alternate Fuels

As we better understand the destructive consequences of expanding industry in the last two centuries, global initiatives towards more sustainable forms of energy have increased demand within the Hydrogen and Alternative Fuels industry. At AWT, we thrive on opportunities to collaborate with businesses in developing more efficient biofuel distribution systems.

Sustainable Energy Engineering

Advances in the production of non-fossil fuels offer incredible opportunities to develop powerful sustainable energy engineering solutions. New industries, such as the green Hydrogen industry, require expert engineering and creative design to overcome current infrastructure hurdles.  

AWT proudly partners with manufacturers and distributors who share our vision of expanding sustainable and cost-effective, renewable green energy solutions. We augment the experience and expertise of our engineering team with extensive product knowledge and research from innovative brands such as Emerson. When you partner with AWT for Hydrogen fuel cell engineering and Alternate Fuels solutions, you access the information and expertise necessary to accelerate your alternative fuel production and optimize operating costs.

Robust Solutions For Critical Control

Alternative fuel production, especially green Hydrogen production, requires robust systems capable of operating under hazardous conditions. Integrity of seals and valves within these systems are paramount, often exceeding pressures of 15,000 osi or more. The ability to handle these high pressures is a critical factor for both safety and production costs. Inboard and outboard leaks not only threaten the safety of workers, the costs of such integrity issues quickly diminish the returns necessary to drive alternative fuel consumption.

Emerson is a leader in the Hydrogen and Alternative Fuel industry, with a wide array of products that enhance green energy production. Collaborating with teams at Emerson, AWT develops applications that automate, monitor, and control Hydrogen flow. 

Custom Automation and Actuator Solutions Reduce Operating Costs

While new energy alternatives, such as green Hydrogen, require additional development to scale meaningful production, existing alternative and renewable energies offer the benefits of carbon mitigation and capabilities for meaningful, scaled production.

Tapping into these alternative fuels by developing production and transmission systems that lower operational costs remains a critical step towards increasing consumer access to affordable renewable energy and alternative fuels. Incorporating AWT valve automation and actuator solutions into the production of these energies offers our customers superior remote control and configuration capabilities that dramatically improve operational efficiency and project costs.

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