Weather Protection Applications

When weather and environmental conditions demand the most robust systems, AWT delivers weather protection applications capable of protecting system integrity even in the harshest working conditions.  

Designing and delivering the perfect system for your application means understanding the conditions each of our systems operates in – and planning for the most extreme. From weather protection for pipes, to protection from corrosive elements such as UV rays, rain, wind, and snow, AWT has the weather protection application our customers need.

Robust Protection for More Reliable Performance

AWT systems provide robust performance in the most demanding conditions. Our actuators and systems power operations in marine, subsea, offshore, onshore, and even arctic conditions. Reliable performance in these challenging conditions depends on careful configuration and specialized components capable of withstanding these destructive elements.

When reliability, consistency, and durability matter most, the experts at AWT offer knowledgeable component and feature recommendations to ensure each system we commission is the best for the job. Our partners in the automation and valve industry support customers with components engineered to withstand UV rays, wind, heat, cold, and water damage.

Project Examples

Aluminum Cover

When these specialized features aren’t enough, AWT customizes a variety of housings capable of protecting your equipment investment. From stock configurations to custom designed and fabricated aluminum weather housings, we develop weather and hazard protection applications that protect and extend the life cycle of your essential systems and components.

Powerful Protection with Heat Shield System

Our clients working in some of the industry’s harshest environmental conditions rely on the AWT Heat Shield System (HSS) to protect integral above ground assets. These custom fire blankets offer radiant heat protection. From sheds to mechanical structure, actuators to pipes, or plumbing and electrical equipment, AWT offers the HSS you need to protect your field site assets.  

All HSS kits provide fast protection. These field-installable covers come mobile-ready for both temporary deployment or permanent protection of the assets you rely on.

Safer Long-Term Storage with Rhino Shrink Wrap

For more than 15 years, Rhino Wrap continues to promote peace-of-mind for asset protection. Engineered for robust performance in the harshest environments, Rhino Shrink Wrap protects your asset investment with incredible tensile strength and impact tolerance to withstand even high-wind loading.