Pulp & Paper

Paper remains a vital industry, but expanding reliance on digital technology and increasing competition within the paper manufacturing industry demands greater focus on operation efficiency. As environmental regulations increase and demand continues to decline, our clients in the paper industry look to AWT for innovative, green solutions that increase reliability and lower cost.

AWT Pulp and Paper engineering provides our customers with unparalleled precision and control through energy and cost efficient automation solutions. Partnering with leading valve manufacturers, the team at AWT leverages a vast array of valves, controls, and system options to design applications and solutions for your project specifications.

Precision Actuators for Critical Valve Control

AWT has Pulp and Paper engineers who can provide applications that leverage our partnerships with leading manufacturers like Rexa Electraulic to provide our customers with precision control solutions through valve automation. Our engineers and technicians collaborate with our paper industry customers to enhance efficiency through a wide variety of applications, such as Basis Weight Valves, Furnace Draft Pressure Control, and Feedwater Recirculation Valve solutions.

Enhanced Chemical Handling

AWT provides durable systems that deliver the critical degree of accuracy necessary for chemical applications throughout the pulp industry. These challenging applications demand configurations capable of withstanding a wide array of corrosive elements for long-running reliability. Backed by factory-trained technicians and unparalleled support, AWT proudly offers Emerson solutions for applications such as blow valve applications and MC pump discharge systems.

AWT eases the burden of unplanned downtime and expensive maintenance through attentive collaboration with Pulp and Paper companies.  Our team works to understand our customers’ applications and manufacturing environment to develop systems capable of performing in a variety of challenging operations. We offer specialized components and systems engineered to withstand high noise, humidity, dust, and corrosive elements to save our customers critical time and money.