Industrial Control Applications

AWT’s automation and sustainability mission incorporates design of safe and efficient control systems. AWT’s enclosed control panels and electrical junction boxes comply with UL 508A and are UL certified for use in hazardous locations.

Our team of expert engineers and project management personnel collaborate with clients to build automation systems that are safe, reliable, and perform effectively.

Project Examples

Industrial Control Systems

When our customers share out-of-the-box ideas for environmental solutions, AWT partners with the industry’s most innovative manufacturers to drive green initiatives and deliver sustainable, cost-efficient mechanisms for industrial control systems. Designed in collaboration with Frontwave Systems, AWT custom control panels exemplify the collaborative design approach that AWT practices.

In partnering with Frontwave Systems, AWT teams developed a UL-Certified control panel that incorporates multiple safety features and intuitive ABB PLC & HMI softwares to enable industrial controls automation. 

AWT recently accepted the challenge of making recycled chopsticks usable, so we developed a high-end control panel for our High-Force Press (HFP) that was precisely calibrated for an innovative application that turned old chopsticks into beautiful floor tiles quickly and with little expense. 

Safety Innovations for Powerful Applications

AWT assembles, designs, and manufactures critical control and valve actuation systems for industry’s most hazardous locations.

System engineering incorporates failsafes to protect system integrity, but AWT doesn’t stop there. We innovate solutions such as UL certified, explosion-proof electrical junction boxes, which are valve actuation units that AWT currently deploys for our clients in the field. These specialized housings contain any and all internal explosions to prevent spreading to surrounding equipment. This protects infrastructure and the people that run our systems.

Customizable Control Panels

AWT designs control systems and the components necessary to develop unique applications that perform highly specific functions within precise parameters. This control panel, designed by AWT engineers, provides a customized solution to operate a linear electro-hydraulic actuation system in the state of Texas. We engineer every detail to precision and certify many of our customer solutions with some of the most trusted credentialing agencies in the industry.