Water & Wastewater

AWT understands the critical importance of Water and Wastewater engineering. The systems and processes that contain and process wastewater have the potential to dramatically improve the safety of industrial operations, as well as the health and wellbeing of our environment.  

Wastewater Treatment Engineering

AWT is more than a wastewater engineering company, as we also understand the challenges our industrial customers face. AWT wastewater treatment engineers are able to reduce operational costs and energy efficiency. Thoughtful wastewater engineering design by AWT water treatment engineers ensures workplace safety and failsafe measures, AWT designs custom valve actuation solutions for improved water pipeline control and increased operating efficiency.

Remote Operation for Enhanced Efficiency

Remote and facilitated valve automation systems eliminate the time-intensive and often hazardous work of waterflow control in water supply engineering. Valve actuators designed for remote operations allows engineers to quickly open and close valves, which reduces the number of hours spent in manual operation, and eliminates the occupational hazards associated with access manual valve controls.

Remote operation through AWT Water and Wastewater engineering also improves maintenance programs essential to the cost efficiency and life cycle of these systems.  Actuators equipped for remote operation, interrogation, and configuration allow for quicker response when issues arise, and easier access reduces costly downtime for more proactive maintenance programs.

Precision Flow Control

Precision flow control with AWT Water and Wastewater applications integrate with multi-stage disinfection and processing systems. Leveraging cutting-edge technology such as intelligent actuators, AWT collaborates with our customers to develop safer, more effective processes for recycling wastewater.

Backed by leading innovators in valve and actuator manufacturing, our engineers and designers work to solve critical air regulation and water flow challenges, resulting in cleaner, safer water. We design systems and automation solutions for every step of the wastewater management process, from collection to transmission, and processing to release.  Our industry expertise and field service experience means you can trust AWT every step of the way.