With more than 40 years of experience in delivering automation and control solutions, AWT provides green solutions and innovative technology that revolutionize industry processes.

AWT partners with global leaders in valve, actuator, and control technologies to deliver the highest quality products with industry-leading support. Dedicated to advancing sustainability, we partner with industries to innovate carbon-reducing systems that not only improve environmental impacts but enhance operational efficiency.
AWT specializes in customizing EH systems specifically for gas or liquid valve actuation. As a global leader in custom actuation controls, AWT systems deliver unparalleled reliability and performance while eliminating toxic gas emissions.

From carbon capture technology to advanced actuator motor control, AWT EH systems minimize negative environmental impacts while optimizing operational efficiency and costs. At AWT, we are committed to advancing sustainability and reducing industrial carbon footprints through cost-effective and efficient EH systems

VALVE SIZE: 16” - 48”

VALVE SIZE: 2” - 20”

Leveraging access to premium components and a collaborative relationship, AWT partners with Bettis GH Systems to deliver industry-leading technology optimized for gas transmission pipelines.

Our engineers tailor custom valve actuation control solutions for enhanced control and efficiency of Gas Hydraulic systems. AWT specializes in GH Two Way Systems and Line Break Systems, and tailors these solutions to even the most hazardous operating conditions with features such as explosion-proof electrical junction boxes, and intelligent remote monitoring capabilities.

VALVE SIZE: 2” - 48”

AWT delivers compact, lightweight PN systems for enhanced control of sprint return and double-acting actuators. Our engineers tailor these simple, cost-effective solutions for reliable local and remote control in some of the most challenging operating conditions.

Capable of withstanding hazardous environments, AWT PN Systems perform reliably in critical applications to support our natural gas pipeline clients. Built for extreme temperatures as low as -40℃ and designated for hazardous environments with a Class I Division I rating, AWT PN systems excel in safety shutdown systems, as well as control of critical valve operations such as gas exhaust valves and double block valves.

VALVE SIZE: 2” - 20”

Economical valve actuation meets unparalleled reliability and ease of use with AWT Manual Systems. Our manual systems are more than a great value, as they feature a high degree of customizability.

AWT engineers tailor Manual Systems with a wide variety of features and configurations to suit any project. We design manual system solutions that range from hydraulic minipak systems to powerful Gas Hydraulic Systems, and even advanced Electro Hydraulic systems. Durable AWT Manual Systems excel across a variety of non-critical applications in the oil and gas, water and wastewater, paper and pulp, and mining industries.

VALVE SIZE: 2” - 48”

AWT partners with clients to pioneer custom products and systems that advance sustainability and revolutionize industry. Working in tandem with our clients, the AWT engineering team designs green solutions tailored for specific project needs and parameters. Backed by our network of global-leading distributors and manufacturers, AWT exceeds expectations for quality and reliability in every product.

From Hollywood stunt systems designed to deliver authenticity and elevate safety on set, to innovative systems for recycling chopsticks into beautiful tile products, AWT welcomes any challenge. Our collaborative process and dedication to innovation results in custom products for the most challenging automation design situations.