Hydraulic Boat Lift (HBL)

AWT’s HBL is a hydraulically activated, electronically controlled lifting system to allow for lifting or launching boats from or to the water. The lift is capable of rotating the boats +/- 90 degrees from the lifting axis via forklift. The lift comes with an integrated AWT firmware that ensures safe operation.

  • Maximum lifting capacity of 14,000 lbs for boats of 11 foot beam or less and 11,400 lbs for boats of 11 to 12 foot beam.
  • “Lift up full” switch indicates lift is fully up and then the lift lock can engage to allow for rotation of the lift for forklift access.
  • Motor auto stop integrated with firmware.
  • Lift can only be rotated from push buttons on the front of the electrical control panel for safety.
  • Indicator lights available for fully-up position, lift lock engagement, boat bunk position, and lift fault.
  • Lift fault codes identified by fault indicator sequences.
  • Boat load and rotation angle is indicated on the control panel.
  • Two emergency stop buttons available to cease any lift movement and sound an alarm.

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