Hydraulic Power Units Applications

With access to the world’s leading hydraulic power unit manufacturers, AWT assembles power solutions engineered to withstand aggressive environmental factors. AWT has a robust staff of factory-trained technicians and engineers capable of overseeing commissioning, and providing training in the field.  

When pre-configured solutions can’t satisfy every design and system requirement, or operate within the constraints of a particular application or environment, AWT manufactures custom hydraulic-power units specifically optimized for challenging applications, such as repeated short-duty cycles, long and highflow duty cycles, or process-specific functions such as finely controlled air flow delivery.

From retrofitting a manual operation unit for enhanced safety and control, to designing custom HPU systems with precision,  industrial hydraulic power units continue to advance industrial automation and control. Our team of engineers, designers, and machinists work with clients to deliver unique solutions and custom hydraulic power units, as there is no project or problem that is too large or small.

Project Examples

Hydraulic Lift Powers First Rotating Boat Lift

To expand sheltered mooring availability for more boat owners, Milltown Marina in Vancouver, B.C. sought to build a new storage building that would protect boats even when water exceeded flood levels. AWT collaborated with Milltown Marina, and a team of businesses and engineering consultants to design, manufacture, and commission a boat lift capable of quickly lifting and rotating boats for quicker storage.  

Collaborating with a variety of teams, AWT built a custom rotating hydraulic lift capable of lifting boats and yachts weighing as much as 14,000 pounds. The first and only rotating hydraulic boat lift in British Columbia, the Milltown Marina lift expanded mooring while simplifying the water access and storage process.

High-Force Press Powers Sustainable Solutions

AWT specializes in green, turnkey solutions, leveraging the latest technology from our premier partners to solve problems and promote sustainability. We approach each client’s needs or concepts with creativity, which commonly results in innovating systems, such as the AWT High-Force Press (HFP).   

When an AWT client needed a system for handling waste chopsticks, we jumped at the opportunity to team up with Bannerman Consultants and Frontwave Systems to design a press assembly capable of recycling chopsticks into useful wooden tiles. Designed for continuous operation and generating up to 400,000 pounds of force, the HFP’s cutting-edge features include a PLC touchscreen for easy parameter control and multiple safety features.  

For powerful automation and motion applications, the HPF performs across a wide scope of applications and industry verticals.