Hydraulic Minipak Systems (H-MP)

AWT’s H-MP is a locally operated manual system. It is a compact manifold based system that uses a hand pump for reliable valve actuation. It is portable and is an economical way of actuating multiple valves manually or with a portable power unit.

VALVE SIZE: 2” - 48”

  • Fast-connect input and output hydraulic fittings.
  • Local manual control using hand pump for actuation
  • Remote or local automatic valve actuation if used with a portable power unit.
  • Selector knob to operate valve in either direction.
  • Manifold based compact system.
  • Lightweight for portability.
  • Reservoir sight gauges.
  • Can be used on rotary or linear actuators.
  • Customized controls can be added such as a solenoid or a pressure pilot.
  • All customized controls are compatible to be used with SCADA/PLC.

Manual Systems: