Bettis Electric Valve Actuator​s

Intelligent and dependable, bettis electric actuators are designed for safely automating multi-turn, quarter-turn, and linear valves.With over six decades of global service across sectors like oil and gas, water treatment, energy production, refineries, marine, and chemical plants, Emerson’s Bettis and EIM electric actuators have set the industry benchmark for valve control.

Types of Bettis Electric Actuators & Electro-Hydraulic Operators

XTE3000 Electric Actuator

  • On/Off, Modulating, ESD
  • DCMlink connectivity
  • Bettis XTE3000 Modbus card is fully compatible
  • Contactless digital motor speed sensor

RTS FL Fail-Safe Linear Electric Valve Actuator

  • Intelligent and non-intrusive
  • On/Off (S2) and Continuous modulation (S9)
  • Up to 10116 lbs (45 KN) Electric Thrust
  • Fail-safe trigger selectable in case of drop-off 24 VDC fail-safe signal or main power supply

RTS FQ Quarter-turn Electric Valve Actuator

  • Intelligent and non-intrusive
  • On/Off (S2) and Continuous modulation (S9)
  • Up to 3687 ft-lbs ( 5000 Nm) Electric Torque
  • Position resolution .1%
  • Fail-Safe 

RTS CM Electric Valve Actuator

  • Compact Multi-turn
  • Compact & Light weight with corrosion protection
  • On/Off (S2) and Continuous modulation (S9)
  • Adjustable speed (2sec-54 sec)
  • Brushless DC motor technology

SCE300 Electric Actuator

  • Isolated terminal enclosure protects during installation.
  • Standard, adjustable torque switches range from 50 to 100%.
  • Manual override is always available.
  • Anodized aluminum construction resists environmental decay.
  • Includes visual position indicator for accuracy.

TorqPlus Electric Valve Actuator

  • Offers five models with torques from 100 to 20,000 in-lbs-in (11 Nm to 2,260Nm).
  • Standard torques range from 350 to 10,000 lbs-in, all at 100% in available motor voltages.
  • Features a compact, modular design in weatherproof and explosion-proof housings.
  • Accommodates controls and accessories like heaters, brakes, positioners, transmitters, and control stations.

Keystone EPI 2 Electric Actuator

  • Terminal enclosure is isolated, exposing only the wiring terminal during installation.
  • Adjustable torque switches are standard, ranging from 50 to 100% of rated torque.
  • Manual override is permanently engaged.
  • Boasts standard protection with an IP66/68M, NEMA 4/4X/6, and CSA (C-US) enclosure rating.
  • Provides explosion-proof protection with an Ex de IIB T5 Gb – FM rating.

Baumann SV Electric Actuator

  • Features Multi-function technology (MFT) for auto-calibration and signal selectability.
  • Offers valve failure modes including close, open, and last position.
  • Available with 24VAC or 24VDC power supply options.
  • Equipped with an available stem position feedback transmitter.

Fisher easy-Drive Electric Actuator

  • Operates stably under various conditions.
  • Offers remote monitoring to minimize field trips.
  • Ensures zero venting of product to the atmosphere.
  • Features simple setup and operation.
  • Provides diagnostics over Modbus protocol.

M2CP Electric Valve Actuator

  • Highly adaptable to varied applications.
  • Allows easy maintenance with removable control package.
  • Meets robust US DOD Navy Standards.
  • Features essential thermal overload protection.
  • Constructed with durable heat-treated alloy and cast-bronze sleeve.

Electro-Hydraulic Operator (Smart)

  • Equipped with a reliable spring-return actuator for secure emergency shutdowns.
  • Operates consistently in hostile environments.
  • Features over 15 alerts for detecting abnormalities.
  • Compatible with common communication protocols and DCMLink.
  • Holds multiple high-standard certifications like FM, ATEX, IECEx.
  • Control enclosure: IP68, Hydraulic actuator: IP67M, Motor: IP68

Electro-Hydraulic Operator (Standard)

  • Ensures reliable emergency shutdowns and protection in challenging environments.
  • Provides immediate alerts for system abnormalities.
  • Supports seamless integration with common protocols and DCMLink.
  • Features IP68-rated control enclosure and motor, and an IP67M-rated hydraulic actuator.