Electro Hydraulic (EH) Systems

Designed specifically for gas or liquid valve actuation, AWT’s EH systems are a green solution providing custom actuation controls with no gas emissions.

Select a specific Electro Hydraulic System:

VALVE SIZE: 16” - 48”

VALVE SIZE: 2”-20”

  • Electro-hydraulic actuation.
  • Adaptable for use with SCADA or PLC systems.
  • Valve Monitoring System to indicate and monitor valve position.
  • Provides local, automatic, or remote valve control depending on client’s needs.
  • Uses Spring Return, Double Acting, or linear actuators.
  • Controls quarter turn or linear gate valves.
  • Fail close, open, or last.
  • Actuation speed control.
  • Accumulator option to operate valve on loss of power.
  • Weather Cover available.
  • Multiple input power options for motor and controls.
  • Remote or integral (controls mounted on actuator) mounting.
  • UL/cUL Rated Electrical Junction Box.
  • Wide range of high torque applications
  • Can exceed 678,000 Nm (6,000,000 lb-in)
  • Rated for low or high temperature (-40℃ to + 40℃ or 0℃ to +65℃)
  • Pressure: Supporting actuators up to 3000 PSIG.
  • Suitable for hazardous environments (Class I Division I).

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