Applied Product Knowledge – our technical staff are specialized in various industry and process applications (de-facto ‘subject matter experts’ and ‘product authority’ for many customers). Engineered solutions: Designs and estimates come with supporting data to meet specifications for your industry! Servicing your industry: Regional service includes installation and training for what we sell. This support extends to trouble shooting, and onsite assistance, when required.


AWT is a global leader in electro-hydraulic valve automation for both 1/4 turn and linear valves in natural gas and liquid service lines for general open/close, failsafe and hazardous locations including marine,  low or high temperature.

AWT designs and produces valve automation product as complete packages with commercial and technical value. A representative of Emerson actuation and controls, representing Bettis, Bettis EM Electric, Gas Hydraulic, Shafer and Hytork, and related controls & telemetry/data acquisition component lines, results in complete packages that are highly competitive. As a larger stocking distributor, AWT provides customers with fast delivery capability. AST value added integration includes mounting, controls design and implementation consulting, and regional parts & service, for TCO support (total cost of ownership, ongoing regional support).

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Strenght through our brands

We can help you out with proven brands like Bettis®, Hytork®, Shafer® and Dantorque® and more! We offer Best-in-Class product leadership.

Emerson’s more than 100 years combined experience.

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