AWT partners with clients across every sector to develop robust solutions and applications that drive industry.

From technologies that foster safer Hollywood stunts (really!), to robust systems operating under arctic conditions in large-scale refiners, AWT solutions and applications make enhanced sustainability and operating efficiency a cost-effective reality for our customers.  

Specializing in industry and process applications, AWT brings together experts from multiple disciplines to create solutions of unwavering quality, and deliver superior customer service.

AWT provides integral automation solutions for the water and wastewater industry that creates safer operating conditions and processes cleaner, safer water. Our valve actuation systems combine the precision performance necessary for complex water processing systems with control capabilities that enable remote operation.

AWT specialties in applications that enhance operating efficiency and promote greater sustainability across the oil and gas industry. We are the global leader in electro-hydraulic valve automation, customizing efficient systems for use in the most hazardous locations.  From large scale systems to compact components, AWT oil and gas solutions improve operating costs and make carbon mitigation a cost-effective reality.

AWT demonstrates our commitment to drive greener energy and industry solutions in our work with partners across the Hydrogen and alternative fuels industry. We understand the success of non-fossil fuels hinges on our customers’ abilities to scale growth and maximize cost-efficient operations. We partner with our Hydrogen and alternate fuel client’s to improve existing processes and innovate new systems that make alternative fuels a safer, more cost-effective option.

Growing reliance on technology creates new challenges for our customers in the pulp and paper industry, but AWT understands the integral role of paper, and paper products in today’s marketplaces. We collaborate with our customers in the paper and pulp industry to improve process systems through enhanced automation solutions.