Emerson Canada

Emerson™ is the parent of the following lines: Bettis, Shafer, Hytork, Tescom and ASCO, providing valve automation & control, process pressure controls instrumentation and electrical sensors. Emerson also provides valve automation sizing and specifications trusted by the valve manufactureres and their distributors. When controls and automation are required for valves, AWT represents these lines and and offers industry specific competence and expertise. Emerson Canada : Official Website


A complete line of valve automation and control solutions!

Bettis™ is a world leader in pneumatic and hydraulic quarter-turn and linear valve actuators. They also offer a line of quality electric actuators. With more than 50 years experience in the industry, Bettis actuators are used in virtually every application where valves are operated automatically, onshore and offshore. AWT is the Bettis Valve Automation Center for BC. AWT Valve Automation Division products and services center on automation of valves using actuators and controls from AWT, Bettis, Hytork, Shafer and EM Electric. Automation is comprehensively serviced including technical sizing and selection, controls engineering including networking and computer SCADA.

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Bettis Electric
Bettis™ EM Series Torqueplus® electric actuators for MOV valve automation. In addition to DC and AC motor powered actuators, modulating models are offered. AWT offers a true spring return SR electric actuator for toruqe to 20,000 lb.in. for fail safe applications. AWT offers full valve automation and direct mounting and hand operator overrides as well as meeting low temp. and CSA/ULC. Reliablility and fast deliveries of operators and parts.

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SafeVision Position Indicator Industry has long asked for a position indicator/switchbox for actuated valves and dampers that is designed to be an integral module of the actuator – not an isolated design that has to be added on!

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Hytork Actuators
Hytork™ pneumatic rack and pinion valve actuators combined with TopWorx solenoid and switchbox accessories are the premium quality offering for automation of industrial valve applications in process plants. Designed for long life use, incorporating customer input, the body of the cast aluminum actuator provides extra drilled mounting holes for both top and bottom mounted accessories and can be directly mounted to butterfly valves. Actuator recognition at a distance is made easier by way of cast-in size identification. Springs carry a life-time guarantee and maintenance either in-field or in-workshop can be swiftly carried out by way of the patented “Safekey” quick release end cap facility. Hytork™ actuators can also be provided with a unique internal and external “Commando” corrosion protection coating, to combat aggressive corrosive environments.

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Shafer GE HPU
Shafer™ Gas Engine Hydraulic Power Unit. And AWT power units for use where fuel gas is available and no air compressor exists, an alternative to gas hydraulic, allowing use of AWT electro-hydraulic EH1 and EH2.

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Shafer Linear

AWT – BC Distributor and Service Center: Shafer™ L Actuator for gate, rising stem gate, rising stem ball and globe valve applications on natural gas pipelines utilizing gas over oil power pressure. Ideal for ESD, linebreak and high thrust requirements.

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Shafer Rotary
AWT – BC Distributor and Service Center: Shafer™ RV Actuator for quarter-turn applications on natural gas pipelines utilizing gas over oil power pressure. Concentric shape and balance are perfect for high vibration applications. Compact design ideal for platform topsides, ESD and linebreak protection.

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Shafer SH Series
AWT – BC Distributor and Service Center: Shafer™ SH-Series helical spline gas-over-oil actuator continues the tradition. The double-acting hydraulic model is perfect for a variety of small valve (2″ to 8″) natural gas pipeline applications:
  • Compressor Stations
  • Meter Runs
  • Blowdown Valves
  • Transmission
  • Storage
  • LDC’s
  • Gathering
  • Gas Plants

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    TopWorx GO Switches
    GO® Switch leverless limit switches provide reliable, durable position sensing in the most demanding plant conditions. Using completely unique technology, GO Switches outperform all other types of sensors in applications that are hot, cold, wet, dirty, abusive, corrosive, and explosive.

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    TopWorx ValveTop
    Emerson-TopWorx is the global leader in valve control and position sensing for the process industries. As the distributor for GO Switch and ValveTop, our solutions help plants, platforms, and pipelines improve productivity and increase safety in the harshest environments and toughest applications.

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